The Krz series

The realm of Vinke is a happy, peaceful world inhabited by humans and magical beings alike. But when Supreme Ruler Alcus is challenged for the throne and defeated, his successor brings about a dark revolution. KRZ is a dark-fantasy series that follows the lives of those who have been affected by the new order.

If I were to describe KRZ in the simplest way possible, I would say that it combines the magical nature of the Harry Potter world with the action-packed nature of a Marvel film. Through this young-adult, dark-fantasy series, I touch on many serious issues such as child abuse, racism, male and female equality, and power corruption. As a gay writer, one of the biggest themes I wanted to touch on through KRZ is LGBT struggles; bullying, fear of judgment, “coming out”… all major issues many LGBT youth face every day.

KRZ begins as a short-story series that all take place in the same universe, which will be followed by a full-length novel. On Patreon (and soon, on Webtoons), I am releasing KRZ as webcomics, which will be illustrated by my good friend Kenny Jones.

And for those of you who may be wondering, “What is Patreon?”, Patreon is a subscription service (like Netflix or Hulu) that comes with various rewards for supporting the projects you enjoy. Through my Patreon, I am offering you a chance to check out KRZ so you can see what KRZ is all about, all while providing you with exclusive Patron-only content such as character biographies, location biographies, and exclusive artwork!

After being brought back from the dead,
the young boy finds himself unable to remember
anything regarding his past.

Part 1 of KRZ.
Chapter 1 (Pages 1-14) of the webcomic now available for FREE!
HERE if you’d like to check it out!

Chapter 2, Page 4 of
KRZ: Tiger Winds,
coming June 27th.